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We want to help humanity embrace the golden age of technology by enabling Engineering, Science and Technology companies to navigate the high stakes of today's connected consumer through the rapidly changing digital landscape and allow them to scale locally, nationally or globally. Put simply, we want to pair the right products/services with the right people and to make sure your brand is getting the word of mouth distribution it needs and ensure STEM companies get the best bang for their buck.

Our Value Portfolio

If you are curious as to what tools, methods and latest trends your organisation has available in Sales, Marketing and Technology we've released all our processes and strategies to help clients, start-ups, solotrepreneurs teach themselves. These articles fall into three main categories: Sales and Marketing Secrets, Advanced Technology Explained and the Director's Personal Blog each of which contains case studies as well as an immense value and will give you a better idea of what we offer at Washbourne Marketing.
  • Testimonial

    Alexander Washbourne

    Founder and Director

    About Alexander Washbourne

    Alexander James Washbourne’s childhood dream was to become an international rugby star. After a successful youth career that included two welsh international trials and winning the Web Ellis Cup Final in the Millennium Stadium he moved his focus on higher education at Cardiff University where he graduated with a 1st Class honours Master of Engineering Degree. For his industrial placement, he was fortunate enough to gain invaluable corporate experience and be awarded a scholarship due to his outstanding drive and commitment to quality at BMW’s UK Manufacturing Plant in Oxford. In 2017 he founded Washbourne Marketing in order to increase engagement with and the adoption of Engineering, Science and Technology with communities around the world.

  • Testimonial

    Selorm Amoako

    Chief Creative Officer

    About Selorm Amoako

    Selorm Ernest Yaw Amoako was born in Ghana to two academically-inclined parents, who want nothing more but for their son to excel academically. The educational path paved by his parents and a troublesome knee injury proved to be a nuisance to his footballing dreams. He therefore went on to read Civil Engineering at Cardiff University, where he has discovered his love and passion for writing and regaling stories- thus compelling him to set up a poetry SoundCloud page, Ernest the Poet. Some of Selorm’s aspirations in life -post-university- is to form a civil engineering NGO firm in West Africa, building basic infrastructure with the objective of improving the quality of lifestyle for its’ population, alongside having a lauded writing career, where he is recognised as a writing great.

Not Just An Advertising Service

We work with game-changing brands, inspired companies, and global influencers who are passionate about giving value to the community; ultimately we take on the burden of monitoring and adapting to the latest sales, marketing and technological trends. Whether you're just starting out or evolving your brand, Washbourne Marketing will help scale your organisation to the next level.

Have a project in mind?

We’d love to help transform your ideas into reality.

How Our Proven Process Works

Thanks to our trusted network of specialists across the world and our vast knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Consumer Psychology we have everything you need to maximise online sales and client engagement in your industry, in one solution. This includes, but is not exclusive to: Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, LinkedIn Marketing, Funnel Building, Technical Content Writing, Brand Enhancement and even Community Building.

Gaining Control

Firstly we must Audit and Survey your company’s digital presence to give an overview and detailed analysis of just how well your organisation meets the latest the digital marketing trends, standards and practices.

From this you gain a report on exactly what is necessary take full control of your brand’s ability to: leverage social media word of mouth, captures new digital leads and nurture your ideal target audience into loyal paying customers thus adding to the overall growth of your organisation.


To fully dominate and differentiate within your market space. your company must take advantage of the latest advancements in technology this requires investment.

For example, the existence of opportunities such as Google’s Big Data Analytics and Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence behavioral targeting algorithm have enabled companies to grow at an exponential rate; even now, businesses are differentiating themselves further by providing genuine value to their customer’s buying experience through the application of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Ultimately, our comprehensive account will give you access to the very latest opportunities in the world of technology, sales and marketing; arming your company the edge it deserves and needs for total market domination.

Maintaining Control

In the dynamic world of digital marketing and technology, phases 1 and 2 are ideal states which are never really fully met, organisations should instead strive to achieve their best with their current staffing and technology limitations. For this reason periodic review processes and specific assessment criteria must be developed to maximise your return on digital marketing investment.

Here at Washbourne Marketing we have developed a streamlined assessment model based on engineering techniques and quality assurance methods such as ISO-standards to monitor growth and measure performance of your digital marketing efforts.

To understand the full depth of resources available for your organisation please see our detailed service account below.

  • Testimonial
    Daniel Swygart, CEO, TrekinHerd

    Washbourne Marketing gave us a fantastic insight into the use and implementation of social media marketing, as well as it's connections with SEO. Well worth listening too, would recommend to anyone who wants to have their 'A' game in social media competitiveness.

  • Testimonial
    Jamie Lock, Founder, Penny Royal

    Communication is the most important aspect within any industry. With a generation that is so comfortable in the digital age, it's very easy to be convinced that marketing on the internet is simple. Working with Washbourne Marketing has outlined the logic behind what we thought we knew. With an emphasis on self-analysis, we didn't just improve our online presence, we acquired the understanding to adapt our own strategies.

  • Testimonial
    Toby White, CEO, ARTIMUS

    Washbourne Marketing`s strategies and insights on putting the 'why' before the 'what' really helped us clearly define and communicate our brand values, vision and mission across our digital platforms. Overall a pleasure to work with and would recommend to anyone wanting to market emerging technologies.

  • Testimonial
    Dino Santis, CO-Founder, KitSeek

    We now feel like our messages connect with our audience better and have seen some impressive results in many aspects of our projects. In one, their marketing expertise helped us to scale from about £500 to £1000 per day. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to maximise their online money making ability.

  • Testimonial
    Tom Buckland, Business Magnate, HQ SEO

    Their advanced Facebook Advertising strategy and supplementary services enabled us break the £5,000 per client barrier, a goal which we've been trying to reach for a long time. Now we have more time to focus on the problems that matter.

Featured Clients

We work with brands whose pursuit of excellence rivals our own and who value long-term partnerships.

Why Care About Digital Marketing?

Here's the deal, most organisations have no idea how to augment their brand with the latest digital marketing and technology trends. Our service is for companies that want to differentiate themselves as transparent market leaders who have only their customers and shareholders interests at heart.

Take Advantage of the gap before your competition does

With automation at it’s core, Washbourne Marketing allows companies to proactively augment their Marketing and Communication channels with one of the strongest Sales and Marketing solutions on the market.

The Social Media Opportunity

Social Media is a tool which can be used to demonstrate an unrivaled level of AUTHORITY, TRUST and ability to provide VALUE and if used correctly can leverage SOCIAL PROOF and WORD OF MOUTH to help organisations differentiate and become the market leaders of their space.

How will the future consumer communicate with companies and organisations?

Consumers will always choose the most convenient path to purchase for them and since Social Media is the platform that currently holds the most focus and attention, compared to traditional methods such as television and printed advertising companies would be wise to fully adopt the use of Social Media in their communication and purchasing channels. Therefore companies should improve remove all baggage from their purchase channels.

Fundamentally, the reason for this is due to the social media platforms removing, the PAIN and INCONVENIENCE surrounding the purchase of products and services.

Think about it:

Clicking an an advert that displays the exact solution to a need or challenge you are currently facing is infinitely more convenient and efficient than spending time researching the best solution and determining the best option independently. Consumer psychology suggests if your business doesn’t solve your customer’s problem in less than 7 seconds, then they’ll go elsewhere to a company, like Amazon, who does.

Consumers, Businesses and Organisations want to satisfy their needs instantly.

What is Behavioral Targeting?

So what is so special about this thing known as ‘Social Media’ ?

  • Google, Facebook and LinkenIn Big Data methods to track and store information regarding user behaviour, interests and habits.
  • They then use Artificial Intelligence methods to sort and collate user data to create an Advertising Profile for each user.
  • They then sell this list of keywords and categories in the form of Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords to companies (like ours) that want to market and advertise related products and services .

For companies this is a massive opportunity to control the way they present and their goods and services to loyal and future customers, thus enhancing the overall customer’s brand experience.

Does a person’s social media behaviour really dictate their purchasing behaviour?

$35.38 Billion in Advertising Revenue for 2017’s Q4 alone

suggests it does

Facebook’s $12.78 Billion and Google’s $22.4 Billion in gross advertising earnings suggest that yes the market has accepted behavioural targeting as a suitable means to market and sell products.

One of the first things we will do is perform a detailed Audit and Survey of your companies customer journey from advertising to purchase and right through to delivery of your product or service. This assessment will give your management a full list of available opportunities to enhance the customer experience and provide a list of recommendations for future investments.

Dan Gilbert, Net Worth $5.9 Billion
Innovation is rewarded, but execution is worshipped.

Washbourne Marketing was built to teach and advise organisations on how to make their digital marketing efforts operate as smooth and logical as possible. We have over 2 years of experience in developing and implementing efficient marketing and technology practices which have been built and assimilated by the best companies and experts in the field of digital marketing.

Advertising technologies and path to purchase models

are still being discovered and optimised.

It’s up to organisations to make sure their marketing models are correctly aligned with current digital marketing and technology trends to do this they will have to develop a holistic understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem. Therefore, consumer attention and revenue channels will need to be periodically upgraded.

For more information on the types of strategies and proof of why your organisation should trust our solutions please navigate to our blog and services page or reach out to us through our contact page.

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