How Big Ideas Wales & Business Wales Helped Washbourne Marketing Start [And How to Instantly Improve Your Google SERP Ranking, Absolutely Free]

The Brutally Honest Reason Behind Why We Wrote this Annoyingly Long Blog Post. So Strap In, Grab A Snack & Because Your Brain is about to get blown away...

Big Ideas Wales & Business Wales really care

about the future for youth entrepreneurialism.

Washbourne Marketing attended a fantastic all expenses paid Business to Bootcamp weekend designed to help young people take and accelerate their ideas to market. We met 50 other bootcampers who all had really good ideas and were at different stages of starting their own business.

Here we have the 8 Titles of our main takeaways, lessons and concepts from our brilliant speakers. We recommend you start with the section which is most relevant to you and your business needs and bookmark this page and use it as a reference guide. So pick a title you like the sound of and and feels most relevant; then scroll down to that section and start taking action.

8 Titles of our main takeaways, lessons and concepts:

  1. Exploring your Personality, Playing to Your Strengths ...

  2. Where To Start With Business Planning, Build A Brand That Lasts and Start With your Why ...

  3. Intellectual Property, Why Should You Care? ...

  4. The Buck Starts From Here...

  5. Life Is A Pitch!!! How To Instantly Conquer The Fear of Public Speaking...

  6. Which Came First The Chicken or The Egg?...

  7. It Only Takes 7 Seconds To Win The Heart And Show You Can Solve Their Problem...

  8. How To Avoid The Fate Of The Yellow Pages...


    Note. All sections have been written to help businesses improve their digital marketing in order to increase brand engagement and so you guys can plan your way to becoming a millionaire.

We currently face the very common problem faced by businesses and companies all over the world:

How do we get our business to rank ahead of our competition on Google?

If you don't know why this is important, basically the more organic traffic our site gets the more chance we can convert leads and make more money. To get more organic traffic we want to be on page one of google when prospects enter keywords related to the problem we solve, which is to provide an all in one outsourced solution for Engineering, Science and Technology companies to advertise their products, services and message to the right people.

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This is the Worst Blog Post Written in the History of Blog Posts...

Or is it???

This post is super hard to read in one go and fully appreciate you will not have time to read it on your first visit. We originally wanted to split this content into 6 separate blog posts in order to honour the amazing speakers who inspired us to write this very long blog post. But after consulting with our SEO (search engine optimisation) friends over at Ghost Marketing they suggested we integrate them all into one massive superblog post. This way when google tracks the number of eyes and attention this page gets they'll see us as a quality source of information and hopefully rank us accordingly.

Built For Search Engine Optimisation From The Core

The other really cool thing about this post. Is that it's been built to be optimised for SEO by following our very own 'How to Write The Perfect Blog Post Strategy' and we wanted to give you guys the latest cutting edge psychology proven advice, shown below:

Washbourne Marketing How To Create The Perfect Blog Post Blueprint

Fast-Track Check-List:

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3. Headline: Make It 6 Words That Count
4. Start Your Post With Storytelling
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Remember great blog posts are:








Because we've built these principles in from the start we hope you'll see how to get the most from your content marketing by seeing our examples.

So without further ado, may we present the real reason you guys are here:

Big Ideas Wales Is an Awesome Opportunity Built to Help Young Entrepreneurs Succeed.

Thanks to Business Wales focusing their time and resources toward the development of this great initiative. The Big Ideas Wales team were able to organise an excellent Bootcamp To Business all expenses paid weekend in the truly beautiful Margam Discovery Centre (they even had reindeer) which started on Friday the 24th of November 2017.  The event was packed full of non-stop value as prominent business owners, young entrepreneurs, millionaires and billionaires from around wales presented their key ideas and actionable insights into what and how you can bring your great idea to market.

Washbourne Marketing, was quite apprehensive at first to going through the application process to secure our spot on the weekend but we were so happy we did see below for all the great speakers and influential speakers the Big Ideas Wales Team gave us access to:

Jayne Brewer: Senior Director of one of Wales' most iconic and prestigious performing arts theatre, The Wales Millennium Centre.

Ashley Cooper: Business Magnate, Angel Investor, Engineer, and Philanthropist. (Our Favourite)

He demonstrated entrepreneurial spirit and ability when he scaled his first business venture, an Aeronautical Engine Maintenance company, from 25 million to an astounding 160 million valuation. Dubbed the 'Richard Branson of Wales' he co-founded the Catalyst Growth Partners, which is fundamentally designed to help owner managers improve and grow their businesses, making Wales a better place for business. Through his smart angel investment he also controls more than 16 tech-enabled companies so we like him very much.

Kathryn Pennaluna: Intellectual Property Expert and Lecturer at The University Of Wales Trinity St David.

Andrew Tummons: Natwest's Expert Relationship Manager, with over 175 connections to businesses across the south-west.

Stiffyn Parri: Founder and Director of MR PRODUCER which was set up in 2001 and has produced some of Wales’ most prominent events such as the opening weekend of the Wales Millennium Centre for BBC Wales, and the Welcome 2 Wales’ Ryder Cup Opening Concert at the Millennium Stadium for Sky. He is also a television presenter, live event host and has just finished performing a tour of his One-man Stifyn Parri SHUT YOUR MOUTH around Wales, London, Bristol and New York.

Callum Griffiths: Founded Clydach Farm Group astoundingly at the age of 13 with just two chickens, and has now scaled to a now sell a specialised dog food for health conscious owners which competes with major dogfood brands.

George Savva: Marketing Magnate, Pioneer of Multisensory Marketing and Philanthropist. He ran a successful below-the-line marketing business providing Point of Sale marketing systems to organisations like Procter and Gamble, Nestle, Gillette, Revlon and Dulux.

Austin Walters: As a Digital Marketing: Consultant, Speaker and Agency Owner he prides himself on never having a corporate job. As a serial entrepreneur he has been partnered and owned a vast array of businesses:

  • Partner – Insolvency & Business Rescue Co,
  • Finance Director & Co-Owner - £2m+ Turnover Care Company,
  • Partner – Investment Company (Start-ups & Distressed Companies)

And he is about to launch: Specialist Care Industry Training Company.

Thats not to mention all the motivational and inspirational young entrepreneurs many of whom were actually at the big ideas wales bootcamp last year and have managed to start their very own businesses, very empowering:

Jamie Hunt – DAKONA

Maciek Kacpryyk – Get Wonky

Dafydd Jones – Doze

Jackson Pickard – OxyOze

Tino Dzaro – Tino’s

Amy Price – Social Butterfly

Keenan & Kristian – LaunchLocal

Andrew Chronin – Aim Sports Academy

The total net worth of all all who were involved,

must be within the £1,000,000 to +£10,000,000 range,

and when you see some of the awesome lessons and takeaways we've put together for you you'll be able to experience and hopefully apply the knowledge gained to your business or start-up.

Now that we've shown how valuable the weekend is let's discuss the awareness problem,

Their were about 50 people who attended the bootcamp and apparently only 40 ideas were rejected in the application stage of this truly epic event.

This means that altogether approx 90 people actually applied to this awesome initiative.

Wales Population = 3.063 Million People

We couldn't find how many people were below 25 years old - the application age limit - but even if generously underestimate and assume the total number of maximum was about 250,000 people.

This means:

90/250,000 %  = 0.00036% of potential audience was actually reached.

Why is this?

This statistic is absolutely ridiculous and means it's up to us as entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to lead by example and show the masses exactly what they are missing out on.

This is another reason why we here at Washbourne Marketing, put together this article. We want to engage, inspire and enthuse our generation to have the confidence to start their own business and show them all the wonderful support network which is available due to Business Wales and the fantastic Big Ideas Wales Team.

So it's up to us if you want to help inspire a generation of great entrepreneurs and to help build a strong welsh economy for the future, then share this link to someone you think would appreciate it, someone who would actually use and benefit from all the value we've pumped into this post.

Now For The Good Stuff...

1. Exploring your Personality, Playing to Your Strengths [And How To Use This To Build A Super Highly Qualified Target Audience for Facebook Advertising Campaigns]

Speaker: Jayne Brewer, Deputy Director of Wales Millennium Centre.

[bctt tweet="You are confined by the walls you build yourself. "]

Main Takeaways & Insights:

  • Unique C.V. Ideas – Make it Scream Out your Strengths and Personality. If your applying to a creative position be creative, if you are applying to a super logical position be logical can't get much simpler that that really. Relates directly to our VRIN Content Scoring System (Will describe in more depth in another post later).
  • Use Your Business Card To Sell Your Service . Put your latest project or results on the back of card. Give them something they can see, something they can touch. Make it easy for them to imagine their results you could bring them. This is a great example of Social Currency in action, this is the S of our STEPPS Tool for building ridiculously contagious content (Again will do an entire post on this later)
  • Use DISC and Personality Profiles such as Myers Briggs Test to your Strengths – Analyse and use immediately for best effect – we can use this well established tool to convey deep marketing message.

Jayne’s Story

Jayne started her story working for a bank checking and validating business models and plans for a range of sectors. After processing 100s and 100s of applications she began to see a pattern.

She found that the really great businesse shared two common ingredients, they all had both:

  • A Great Idea
  • A Strong Business Plan

One day Jayne said to herself, something along the lines of: "right that's enough I want to start my own business my own venture, I' know what it takes to build a great business". These key ideas helped Jayne start her first successful business venture, Spark-Dating.

The speed-dating company required literally no start-up capital since it linked empty venues with the nervous speed daters. The Bars and clubs were happy because they were filling their venues and the daters were happy because well you know, the birds and the bees and all that jazz.

It just goes to show that for some ideas all you need is the drive and passion to put it into action.

How many Win-Win situation and scenarios can you work into your business model?

Her lucrative venture boasted 5+ weddings (she didn’t mention the number of divorces) and lasted an impressive 10 years before Jayne entrepreneurial fire started to burn again.

Jayne was looking for something more and wanted to build upon her now very well-rounded skill-set. Her extremely driven and can-do attitude compelled her to approach the board of directors of the Wales Millennium Centre (WMC), one of Wales' most prestigious performing arts organisations.

No Jayne didn't want to try making it as a top-performing-actress, she sought a new challenge which could enhance her entrepreneurial and corporate skills, this is what she discussed with the WMC directors. The directors liked her and her story so much they invited Jayne to an interview for a junior director type position.

Jayne Asked, And Jayne Got... Well Not Quite.

She didn’t get the job – but the she managed to impress the management so much instead they literally created a position just for her - because her perfect blend of entrepreneurial and corporate skill was needed.

More specifically she said one of the main reasons why she got the job was due to her knowledge and expertise of how the company worked as a whole, at a macro level, and ability to zoom in and solve problems within smaller departments, at a micro level  was what landed her landed her an extremely coveted job and lead to her rise up through the ranks to eventually become a senior director at Wales’ finest theatre.

Know Yourself and Know Your Audience Be a Social Chameleon – Use DISC Profiles Personality Tests To Maximise Engagement

Miss Brewer stressed the importance of knowing yourself through the use Disc profiles personality tests such as the Myers Briggs test is key to a successful career.

Here at Washbourne Marketing we really liked this part of the talk because it relates directly to our our advanced targeting  strategy. Buy labeling each segment of our target audience we can build an advertising campaign which communicates to the personality of the audience at a very deep level to learn more about this awesome strategy check out our upcoming case study on HQSEO.

All in all a great opening talk given by an very inspirational and motivational talk which instilled us with confidence that we can do whatever we put out mind to.

2. Where To Start With Business Planning, Build A Brand That Lasts and Start With your Why  [And 12 Golden Nuggets of Business Advice Straight From Wales' most prominent Angel Investor, Ashley Cooper]

Speaker: Ashley Cooper, Co-founder and director of Catalyst Growth Partners an investment partnership.

During his highly motivational talk empowered the the bootcampers and certainly demonstrated to us that yeah the sky is the limit when it comes to entrepreneurship. His enlightening talk covered these four basic questions:

  • Why you are doing what you are doing?
  • Why would your customer car?
  • What are you going to do?
  • How are you going to do it?

Sometimes you feel like this guy, right?

To describe the frantic struggle of a starting a business he opened the session and immediately gripped the audience with this frantic lizard Iguana chase scene, courtesy of David Attenborough of course.

[bctt tweet="'Whatever a man can conceive and believe it can achieve.' Napoleon Hill" prompt="tell a friend"]

Ashley’s Story Lowly Engineer to Angel Investor

Ashely, often dubbed the Richard Branson of Wales told his rags to riches from a engineer who was fed up with the corporate 9-5 lifestyle, mainly due to the following:

Slow pace

Clock Watchers

Neg Heads (Negative People)

Corporate BS

How many are you familiar with?

Here are the things he really enjoyed in his role as an engineer:








He decided to use the skills he learnt as an engineer and the things he liked from his intrapreneurial role such as:

Problem-Solving, Troubleshooting, Solutions, Focus and Seeing Results

To build his own focused team in order to make a real difference. Starting fromabsolutely nothing, nogoing without heating and living off tesco value baked beans he went on to build and scale his aircraft engine maintenance start-up,

from 25 to 160 million pounds

As a Non-Executive Director (NED) he is dedicated to improving the success of business in wales by focusing his passion for youth entrepreneurship in fantastic initiatives such as Big Ideas Wales' Business To Bootcamp.

“Ashley now part-owns 16 Tech enabled businesses in multiple sectors.”

He now uses his position as an Angel Investor to provide smart capital and expertise to ensure welsh businesses can fulfill their potential and maximise their success.

From then on Ashley took the audience on a journey of what it takes to plan and cope with the troubles of starting and running your own business. Crammed full of motivational quotes, invaluable gems and many knowledge bombs the main takeaways we loved as a new lean start up are detailed in the form of Golden Nuggets below.

Golden Nugget #1:

His 8 investment criteria:

  1. People
  2. People
  3. People
  4. People
  5. People
  6. Product: Needs to differentiate iItself
  7. Potential: Scalability
  8. Participation

These criteria are so important to anyone wanting to secure funding, his emphasis on people made it clear what makes the difference between the success and failure of building and scaling a business.

At Washbourne Marketing we were very happy to see it ticked all 8 of his investment criteria.

Golden Nugget #2:

If the winds of opportunity are blowing…

When the market is shifting entrepreneurs create opportunities.

When a market opportunity presents itself. Look deep into the problem and ask – What exactly am I trying to solve???

Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.

With Brexit fast approaching this tenet couldn’t be truer. Facebook Advertising could mean the difference between the life and death of a company as uncertainties around currency begin to rise.

Separation from the European Union will trigger a new wave of opportunity as businesses react to the new economic climate and it’s up to businesses to prepare for the worst. In many ways Brexit will give smaller more dynamic companies like Washbourne Marketing the chance to adapt and react to economic circumstances faster than the larger more cumbersome corporate entities.

Golden Nugget #3:

The Stages of Business Growth

Apologies if you can't read the writing easily click here to see Microsoft's guide on how to master and implement these stages within your business. Having never seen this graph helped us map out and predict the stumbling blocks we may face on our journey to complete our mission. Now, by proactively learning the importance of each phase we intend ‘charge into the fray’ armed with the right tools and mechanisms to cope and manage problems before they arise.

Golden Nugget #4:

What Need Does Washbourne Marketing Actually Solve?

His interactive exercise allowed us to answer the following important questions:

What Problem am I solving?

Forced word of mouth distribution to the right people.

How does my product fit the market?

Facebook Advertising is still a developing trend which hasn’t fully saturated, as Facebook works hard to bring the community together and to constantly adapt to a dynamic market – with augmented reality, and VR enabled chatbots.

How will I scale?

Use AI to reduce time consuming activities. Focus and embed attaining social proof early on.

Golden Nugget #5:

Customers Get What you Picture…

The following questions are so key to building a brand from scratch, and can be answered by looking inward and thinking deeply. The answers to these questions ultimately define your brand and brand message and ultimately will form the foundations of your ‘Why’ or Brand Story.

  • What is your “Why?”
  • What does it look like?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What does it smell like?
  • What will you be doing?
  • What will your business look like?
  • What will your customers say about you?
  • What will your legacy be?

And from your clients Perspective…

  • What is your Customer’s “Why?”
  • Does your customer buy into your Why?
  • What is their Why?
  • Why should they buy from you?
  • Why should they buy now?

At Washbourne Marketing to get the best results we must make sure that your company’s digital image communicates the same message across all platforms. If your ‘Scent’ and ‘Vibe’ is inconsistent with the awesome advert we create, you may lose some leads as they will not be familiar.

Ultimately, we want to send traffic to a clean/tidy house (your money site) not a place which out of this world so we will work hard with you to establish and communicate your brand identity across all digital platforms.

Golden Nugget #6:

Find and Start With Your Why…

Pioneered by Simon Sinek, this concept is described clearly in his bestselling book Start With Why we highly recommend as we exploit within all our marketing campaigns. Companies all over the world still haven’t adopted this fantastic approach to marketing.

By starting with the ‘What’ rather than the why makes it very hard for companies to differentiate themselves from their competition. Ashley directed the group of boot campers to answer the following two questions so that they too could better understand their brand's why:

What am I looking to achieve for me and my family?

  1. Financial Freedom.
  2. Security / Safety.
  3. Opportunity to learn, grow and give back.

What am I looking to achieve in my business?

  1. Inspire humanity to care about Engineering, Science and Technology.
  2. Help lead better lives through the application of Engineering, Science and Technology.
  3. Be the number 1 Advertising company in the world for Science, Engineering and Technology.

Golden Nugget #7:

Channels To Market

Click here access the source article.

What marketing channels does your business use and depend on?

Ashley’s awesome graphic was intended to stimulate the bootcampers to figure out how they would get their product to market. This graph is awesome because shows how Facebook Advertising can be used to scale and completely revolutionise your business, after all there are only so many routes to get your message/product/service in front of your audience. At Washbourne Marketing we can tailor make adverts to communicate to right message to the right type of person..

Golden Nugget #8:

Planning Vs Opportunity

Mr Cooper dived deep into necessary factors which need to be included to produce a strong business plan and how to write a written plan that drives ACTION!!!

We were happy to say Washbourne Marketing passed Ashley’s test and had all mentioned bases covered.


We used the link above to create our business plan.

Fundamental Question To Answer In Your Business Plan

  • What am I selling to who from what emotional perspective?
  • What are the revenue lines?
    • Who? How Many? When?
  • How am I going to sell?
    • Consultative Sales
    • Telesales
    • PPC (Price Per Click)
    • Subscription Model
      • Marketing plan to drive subscriptions
        • Twitter
        • Facebook
        • Blogs
        • You Tube
      • What Resources do I need to drive the Sales Line?
        • People
        • Structure
        • Process
        • Approvals
        • Sales Collateral

Key things to bear in mind after you start you Business Plan.

  • Capture your ideas
  • Monitor your progress
  • Track financials right from the start
    • CASH is King
    • KPIs that drive the financial plan

Golden Nugget #9:

Tools of Titans

Again we received deep insight into how Angel investors think and decide. See below for essential tools Ashley deemed necessary to take advantage of modern technology and ensure success.

Have a Roadmap:

  • Know where you’re going.
  • Know if you’re off track.
  • Know when you get there.
  • Be prepared for it to take twice as long as you think…

Financial Runway:

Be prepared for it to cost twice as much as you think.

Capture Ideas:

Mindmaps IThoughts X

Prioritise Actions:

Trello (We Use This)

Monitor Sales Progress:

Pipedrive - So you can handle all the extra sales we bring you.

Golden Nugget #10:

The Importance of Reflection

[bctt tweet="“If you don’t know why you’ve failed how can you improve? If you don’t know why you’ve succeeded it must be an accident.”" prompt="tell a friend"]

The CEO Weekly Report:

  • New Sales
  • Marketing Activities
  • Existing Customer delivery / ops
  • Product Development
  • HR / Staff
  • Cash / Finance
  • Other Stuff….

Structured Monthly Review:

Adopt the right principles early:

  • Review every aspect of the business every month
    • Governance
    • Finance
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Strategic Partners
    • Product Development
    • Systems Processes and Procedures
    • Infrastructure & Facilities

Golden Nugget #11:

Criticism is Feedback… Feedback is a Gift…

You are what you are based on the people associate with and the content you take in:

Again adopt the right principles from the start:

  • Get Inputs from different areas
  • Have non – exec on board
  • Get a Coach / Mentor
  • Learn from people who have done what you want to do
  • Associate with like-minded people
    • Socially
    • Business Networks
    • Read the right books
    • Watch the right YouTube videos

Golden Nugget #12:

Change is inevitable:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Procedures
  • Infrastructure
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Market Trends
  • Competitors

These are the factors that can change and catch you off guard and for every factor we can build an argument that Facebook Advertising is definitely one of the main drivers of these changes right now. Don't wait till your competition starts before you, start your first Facebook Advertising campaign with us today.

Golden Nugget #13:

Be aware of the indirect competition looming in the distance they may just be the final nail in your business coffin if the market is right.

Golden Nugget #14:

Entrepreneurship is embedded at the core of Wales’ Future

As Ashley's session drew to a close, he ended with an exciting video on the intended impact Innovation and Entrepreneurship within the Wales.

Their vision:

“To embed a national imperative for entrepreneurship and innovation across Wales by all stakeholders to create more home grown profitable companies creating wealth”

The following diagram shows the five pointed stakeholder star which should excite all welsh entrepreneurs as it demonstrates that the welsh government wants to see youth entrepreneurship and businesses thrive.

He ended his session with a simple message:

Don’t Quit… !!!

and Most of All !!!

Enjoy the Journey.

BONUS Golden Nugget:

In life you meet two types of people:

Nourishers or drainers: which one are you?

We’re happy to say Ashley Copper certainly falls into the Nourisher category proven by his presentation packed full of great quotes and one liners. Here at Washbourne Marketing we love motivational quotes and were unsure how to include them so we decided to just tack them on the end.

Don’t become SNIOP’d:

Susceptible to Negative Influences Of People.

If it’s to be its up to me. Create a Movement.

On how it’s your attitude, not your aptitude

will determine your success.

Success is 99% attitude and 1% aptitude.

3. Intellectual Property, Why Should You Care? [Start With The Right Attitude, Guidelines and Practices to Build a Brand that Lasts the test of Time]

Speaker: Kathyryn Pennaluna, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Ever Wondered Why So many Jelly Babies brands are out there?

If you're like us then probably not.

The thought only occurred to us until Kath produced four different types/brands of jelly babies to the group.

Why aren't the original jelly babies makers stopping brands from copying their design?

We later found out that as Bassett’s didn’t adequately protect their design, they were unable to Trademark them and abandoned their attempt, which means that any sweet manufacturer can make their own versions without risk of being sued for intellectual property infringement.

This was how Kath literally sweet talked and introduced us to the complicated world of Intellectual Property.

Her short and sweet session drew attention to the main four areas of Intellectual property:

Patent: Protects Invention, and invalid if info is in the public domain.

Copyright: protects the author.

Trademarks: a distinguishing mark or behaviour. -> Every little helps.

Registered Designs: to protect appearance.

And even gave insight into how colours can be registered trademarks:

We also learnt that there are only two exceptions where trademark laws may be dismissed:

  • Fair dealing
  • Newsworthy and in the public interest to be known.

TM – Hands Off – Trade Mark

The trademark symbol is a symbol to indicate that the preceding mark is a trademark. It is usually used for unregistered trademarks, as opposed to the registered trademark symbol (®) which is reserved for registered trademarks.

When you use the TM, you notify the public of your claim of branding rights in a particular mark and in turn dissuade others from adopting the same or similar mark for the same or similar products or services. This staves off unwitting trademark infringement, which disrupts the free trade of goods and services in the marketplace.

R - We Are Prepared To Protect - Registered

The registered trademark symbol (®) is a symbol that provides notice that the preceding word or symbol is a trademark or service mark that has been registered with a national trademark office. A trademark is a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product. In some countries it is against the law to use the registered trademark symbol for a mark that is not officially registered in any country.

Why is it so important to protect your brand?

Imagine if tomorrow you lost absolutely everything, all cash, all assets how long do you think it would take to work to get back to the place you were?

Weeks? Months? Years?

Well for Coca Cola:

it was estimated they be back up, running and in profit within 6 weeks only.

We learnt that overall:

That intellectual property becomes important when commercial benefit is gained from exploiting someone else creativity.

And that its best to adopt the best practices and standards from the start so we don't end up facing the same fate as the Bassets' Jelly Babies.

Know your protection laws:, Advertising Standards & UKIPO .

Don't worry about intellectual Property, we've got your back: free tools for your site

If you are new and need some images and videos to populate your site, we thought we'd add all our favourite links to royalty free stock images and videos, so you don't have to worry about IP law:

4. The Buck Starts From Here [What You Need to Know to Finance Your New Business]

Andrew Tummons: Natwest's Expert Relationship Manager, with over 175 connections to businesses across the south-west.

Andrew impressively manages the relationship of over 175 businesses across south-west and finds events and competitions that focus on developing young people entrepreneurial skills incredibly rewarding.  For Big Ideas Wales he deliver two important presentations on how to secure finance as a new business owner.

We found it super valuable to know what finance options are available, and thought that our young business owners in the audience would also like to know so we put together a quick fire list of terms and associated links:

Quickfire Super-link list:

Personal Investment – Your Risk, Your Rules

Family & Friends - Free Forever? A Period of Time? Love Money?

Venture Capital – How good is your idea ?

Angel Investment – For Strategic Counsel

Crowd Funding – The Brand Story Test

Factoring – For Emergency Cash Flow 60 Days is the industry norm.

Trade Credits – The Business IOU

Grants & Subsidies – Free Money

Bank Loans – Only If you have to.

Bank Overdrafts – The Students Cash Source

Asset Finance

Development Bank of Wales (Finance Wales)

Business Incubators

5. Life Is A Pitch!!! How To Instantly Conquer The Fear of Public Speaking [And Pitching to Investors, Forever]

Stiffyn Parri: Founder and Director of MR PRODUCER which was set up in 2001 and has produced some of Wales’ most prominent events such as the opening weekend of the Wales Millennium Centre for BBC Wales, and the Welcome 2 Wales’ Ryder Cup Opening Concert at the Millennium Stadium for Sky. He is also a television presenter, live event host and has just finished performing a tour of his One-man Stifyn Parri SHUT YOUR MOUTH around Wales, London, Bristol and New York.

Is this Blog for you? Read on if you want to learn:

  • How to prepare yourself for pitching.
  • How to be confident without being overconfident.
  • How to engage and cope with fear.

Life is a Pitch!

He began his presentation at Big Ideas Wales with his amusing story of how the ‘Miss Bitches’ and ‘Mr Bastards’ of the world actually inspired and helped him achieve his impressive success in the competitive world of theatre and performance.

Birds don’t just tweet to make things fall into the laps of successful people. It requires work.

He then gave us excellent tips and tricks on how to cope and manage the stress surrounding the fear of public speaking. By breaking down and mapping out a concise set of bitesize solutions to every  aspect of the problem, allowed the group of 50+ boot-campers to see that there are no logical
reasons to fear public speaking and unlocked an unstoppable wave of confidence and enthusiasm to produce some amazing pitches in the final section of the Big Ideas Wales event.

How to prepare yourself for pitching. The Reason Behind the Nerves. Adrenaline.

He described the transition from pre to post performance as you body’s natural response to the
unknown environment. Explained how the adrenaline was the key hormone behind the irrational
behaviour, also known as nervousness.

Babble, fidget, sweat, freeze, panic – are some of the common forms of fear.

How many do you suffer from?

Only one person can fix the problem. Yourself.


Interestingly, he also pointed out that if you really think about it the feeling fear is very similar to the feeling of excitement; it’s just your brain’s perception or frame of that feeling that causes all the

How to engage and cope with fear. Prepare to have your Mind Blown

See below for the techniques, methods and tricks Stiffyn has developed over the years to help him achieve his impressive success. These skills came in very handy when we pitched Washbourne Marketing's vision to the big ideas wales investor panel and we hope you can also improve your public speaking.

Stiffyn’s Four C’s to public speaking:

  • Calm (breath)
  • Clear (Pause)
  • Controlled
  • Confident

How to be confident without being overconfident.

After fully describing the problem from a physiological point of view he then sought to remedy the
problem by giving us some very actionable steps to combat the ‘fear’ of public speaking.
His list included:

Walk of death:

  • Start with a familiar sentence or mannerism.
  • Be normal eye-contact + smile address the investment panel and be human.

Your 3 Voices:

It's All about projection. Stiffyn said a good way to remember is to think in terms of your three voices:

1. Where’s my keys?
2. What’s the time?
3. Back of the room talking.


Not too low, not too high – be on the same level as the panel or people you are addressing.


Is the tone correct for the audience? Use the same language and words as your target audience.

Don’t take anything for granted. EVER.

Having something you prepared earlier – In-case of emergency. He did this and received a standing ovation.

Practise out loud!

Be very familiar with the content.

Write in on the script: Breathe, pause, smile!

For all speeches form a Beginning, Middle and End.

6. Which Came First The Chicken or The Egg? [Lesson From 13 Year Old C.E.O, A True Inspiration To Us All]

Callum Griffiths: Founded Clydach Farm Group astoundingly at the age of 13 with just two chickens, and has now scaled to a now sell a specialised dog food for health conscious owners which competes with major dogfood brands.

If He Can Do It Why Can’t You???

Now age 18 he started his family business venture at the age of 13 with just two chickens. Down to earth Callum told his inspirational story of how he grew and scaled his business from chicken breeding to chicken feed and now a new dog food supplier for the health-conscious owner. His product aims to help the dogs which may be allergic or suffer from diabetes and has just entered a very competitive market.

Find them on Facebook Here

Washbourne Marketing took one important take away from the inspirational talk:

Knowing the pros and cons of your competitor

before choosing to enter a competitive market.

By undertaking in-depth competitive analysis about your competitors, you know the best way to position your product or service.

For example, Callum’s brand decided to position themselves between his two main competitors allowing him to enter a new and ‘untouched’ market space.

Facebook Advertising Benefits

From our point of view this positioning bodes Clydach extremely well for Facebook Adverting as his target audience is already well established.

Stealing the Competition’s Audience

We can tap into the existing audiences of Clydach’s major competitors by utilising Facebook’s Lookalike Audience targeting feature. Ultimately, this will allow us to figure out what works, what doesn’t work what truly resonates with the brand’s audience in a much faster time-period.

The Best Way to Close a Major Client

Conduct Smart Intelligence Gathering

Callum also told us of his initial struggle to move from smaller to larger clients.

One tactic which helped him massively was to conduct smart intelligence gathering about the key decision makers before attempting to those close deals.

Here at Washbourne Market we use a similar technique to prepare for sales calls see our two step intelligence gathering stalking method below.

The Two-Step Pre-call Lead “Stalk”

Step 1: Google Search Their Email

By searching the email of your prospect you instantly gain access to their entire history or ‘digital footprint’ of online behaviour including all articles and social media platforms which the email is attached to.

When you find a lead on Facebook, you immediately open up a treasure chest of personal information about your prospect – this is incredibly empowering for a sales person as it will allow you to build rapport like never before.

Also by finding a lead on Facebook helps you remember that it is still a person on the other end of the call.

Some Professional Sales Stalking Tools to Provide Super Useful ‘Big Data’:






Step 2: Jot down 2-4 talking point or insights that prove you did your homework.

Your Four Custom Bullets:

  1. ___________ 2. ___________ 3. ___________ 4. ___________

“Hey, ______, my name is _______ and I work for  _______.  I was calling to follow about 1. ______. Looks like you said 2. ___________ 3. ___________ and 4. ___________. How are you today?”

For Example if someone was trying to pitch us it would go something along the lines of this:

“Hey, Washbourne Marketing, I just read an article about how you and your company reached over £1,000,000 in annual recurring revenue in less than two years, and it really inspired me. I also sell technology for company X and saw you inquired at one point about our services.”

Feel free to use this strategy in your business to make sure you maximise conversion to get the clients you deserve.

BONUS Nugget

One final Golden Nugget of value given by Callum was his POWER acronym, displayed below:

Callum's POWER Acronym:


O-nline marketing

W-ealth strategy

E-xtra streams of income


7. It Only Takes 7 Seconds To Win The Heart And Show You Can Solve Their Problem [How A Giraffe Can Bring Your Brand Voice To Life]

George Savva: Marketing Magnate, Pioneer of Multisensory Marketing and Philanthropist. He ran a successful below-the-line marketing business providing Point of Sale marketing systems to organisations like Procter and Gamble, Nestle, Gillette, Revlon and Dulux.

His presentation built to utilise the power of ‘Visual Display’ to augment learning certainly taught us a lesson in how to maximise engagement with your audience. His non-powerpoint session used a magic bag of tricks to captivate and enthuse the audience so he could deliver his main message: How to describe what it takes describe and sell your product / service to your audience.

How many nails can be balanced on the head of one?

15, it turned out to be

Was the first puzzle he used to enthuse the audience. The main reason was to demonstrate that anything is possible if you put your mind to. Find the solution to this awesome puzzle here.

Water and ice experiment. To demonstrate the process of building trust with your audience.

It is not so much the Delivery system that matters, it is more about the message - > You must have a ‘message to market match’ - > in direct marketing when the message matches the market – response rate can be as much as 400%, resulting in increases sales.

Olfactory Sense is not easily influenced by cognition.

Smell can be used effectively in marketing because it by-passes cognition.

His unorthodox presentation [aptly named It only takes 7 seconds – it is the business that is named ‘It takes 7 seconds] helped teach the Big Ideas Wales Boot-Campers a valuable lesson in communication which is fundamental to all forms of marketing.

Brands have less than 7 seconds…

This is the window of opportunity marketers and advertisers have to capture the attention of people to decide whether or not they will listen and say, “yeah I like this – this is for me, I want to learn more”.

How to Maximise Engagement in 7 Seconds…

  1. Understanding your customer’s concerns and ‘pains’.
  2. Speak directly to your customers, and address those concerns and pains.

Meet them where they are – What Social media platform? What Time? How Familiar Are they With your Brand Service?

Colour photograph of a Giraffe Vs no colour photograph of a Giraffe – is analogous to a brand without a story; use emotive, colourful and powerful language in your message.

They want the story as it relates to them. You want them to grow to believe in your message. Tell the brand story in a way they can see, imagine and feel the results.

  1. When you’re ‘selling’, understand that the customer did not buy a drill – he/she bought a ‘hole in the wall’

Need DIY -> go to the store to find drill set what did they buy? They bought a hole in the wall

Start thinking in terms of the result you bring.

People will appreciate and trust you more.

What results do we bring at Washbourne Marketing?

Facebook Advertising: Buying Word Of Mouth Exposure, More Leads, More Sales Capability.

We can 10X your revenue.

We're essentially a super marketing system which has been purpose built to take advantage of Facebook Advertising so you can make more money, to spend on developing more awesome product and services.

Other examples include:

B2B Utility Company: Buying driving force to power equipment. Access to energy reservoir.

B2C Christmas Gift: Buying the Moment of joy when, feeling of happiness for the other person and internal feeling of fulfilment.

Think and speak in-terms of the result your solution brings and you’ll undoubtedly gain instant engagement.

  1. How to know when to close the deal.

This comes down to posting strategy, what the best we’ve found:

Gary Vaynerchuck’s

Jab, Jab, Right Hook Mentality

 Restaurant Business Magnate 40%, 40%, 40%, 70% how to guarantee a Return Visit

His Approach:

1st Visit: Red Napkin & Ribs Discount

2nd Visit: Owner Writes $5 off Chicken

3rd Visit: Free slice of Cheescake

4th Visit: 70% likely to return.

Total Cost for business = $6

Lifetime value of customer Way Up.

Both Strategies have a huge components which involve giving value and making the client feel looked after before even thinking of asking for the sale this is exactly the strategy we employ through our facebook advertising campaigns.

Too many companies are far too selfish and asking for a sale before value.

Give Value First

This is the beautiful thing about facebook advertising, you can essentially grow and nurture your audience. By continuously pumping value to your target audience you increase the number of touchpoints with your brand and overall make your brand be the first thing that comes to mind when they face a problem that your business solves.

8. How To Avoid The Fate Of The Yellow Pages [New Trends To Help Your Business Survive Social Media in 2018]

Austin Walters: As a Digital Marketing: Consultant, Speaker and Agency Owner he prides himself on never having a corporate job. As a serial entrepreneur he has been partnered and owned a vast array of businesses:

  • Partner – Insolvency & Business Rescue Co,

  • Finance Director & Co-Owner - £2m+ Turnover Care Company,

  • Partner – Investment Company (Start-ups & Distressed Companies)

And he is about to launch: Specialist Care Industry Training Company.

Austin Walters’ talk aimed to inspire the Big Ideas Wales Bootcamp to take their digital presence and social media seriously when starting a new business. His highly informative talk detailed the best ways to optimise their brand image in order to get results and how to manoeuvre and cut through the noise of the internet.

Below we’ve compiled the best lessons and insights for you to apply to your business:

Understanding Social Media Marketing Today

The Yellow pages is dead.


This is the perfect example of why brands should always pay close attention to what the market want and need. The yellow pages was originally designed to be placed next to wired telephone and now with the increased  adoption of the internet have been made obsolete. Now if a consumer wants to get hold of someone they just google it. If companies don’t want to share the fate of old friend Yellow pages they should definitely be aware of the huge opportunity for competitive advantage that is social media.


The Website Is also dead…. Well almost.

Pre-adoption of Social Media:






….We put that content


To be found….



Quick Question?

When was the last time you spent any-amount-of-time, on a

website to do anything other than “complete-the-transaction” ???


Interestingly, this this a very deep demonstration of the age-old tenet and fundamental principle of marketing.

Money follows eyeballs.

Before the internet companies used to distribute their products and services through face-to-face word of mouth. Then when the internet came along they knew their audience’s eye would follow so they put their products and services on the internet via their website. After the companies had put all their goods and services on their websites and spent money on marketing their brand to reach customers, via their website, this thing called social media came along.

Guess where the audience are now looking. That’s right they were focused on social media. Now what do the companies have to do? They have to adapt and mould their marketing image to be used on social media.

That’s where we are folks.

Brands who are not making a serious effort to get their social media marketing message right may end up joining our dear old friend Mr Yellow Pages.

Listen Up!!! If you have ever had to ‘Free-Up’ device storage space to download a cool new app?

More Storage = More Opportunities

To add weight to the argument that companies need to listen out for times are changing Apple’s minimum storage for iPhone 8 is now 64 gigabyte - not 32 gigabyte – to promote app downloads – this means you won’t have to worry about storage space again, no more tricky decisions,

“Um, which one should I delete: the holiday snaps or

this kickass productivity app?”

the tech giant Apple is preparing their product and service to allow more and more app downloads. So build your products and services to accommodate this new wave of storage space.



You are an ATTENTION Engineer First, Marketer Second

If you dont use Analytics, Stats and DATA in your strategy, you lose!!

There are too many distractions trying to get your attention

According to research it takes:

64 seconds to get back into whatever user was into.

That’s our window of opportunity guys. 64 seconds to get our message to our customer via social media. For them to know we have a solution to whatever is stopping them sleeping at night. Why not take advantage of all that time and energy spent on building technology to grab your audience’s attention by building a powerful Facebook Advertising campaign.

Speak To you Audience through the three levels of communication:

Different people consume and process information differently use disc profiles and Tai Lopez’s PASE profiles to your advantage.

Austin said the three main ways we can optimise marketing efforts to speak to more types of people are:

  • Visual
  • Audio
  • Kinaesthetic

Following my own advice I should really record a video of my reading through all this content and then making visual, audio and kineasthictic form of this blog easily available, but that’s not going to happen.

We’ve got to be realistic we don’t have the time or resources to produced all three forms oc marketing communication. But at least we know know we have three channels to communicate to our audience we can start to accommodate them by producing content for all three.

Practice all three by alternating the content channel (YouTube & Facebook) to make Video + Live Video + Vlogs + Pictures + Blogs in whatever order you see fit This way your audience also have way less chance of getting bored.

Also be aware and watch out for:

TRUST is growing…

There used to be uproar whenever Facebook , Microsoft or Google changed their user interface, now it is much more accepted. Why is that? It is because the world is beginning to trust the internet as a valid source which can be trusted.

Brands can take advantage of this trend by building social proof into their product or service. By making it easy and convenient for consumers to tell their friends about their new purchase or that awesome service which is going to make them rich, brands can ensure they are making the most of the digital presence if they make a The product review is part of the purchase.

Fantastic Reputation Network… LinkedIn Premium get it but don’t keep it.

Following on due to the rising levels of internet trust make sure you are on LinkedIn and your profile is communicating everything you want it to communicate.

Current Trends To Watch

Current Social Media Opportunities:

Some Industries are now completing the transaction


That’s right 100% on Social Media. It goes like this:

FACEBOOK -> Messenger -> PayPal -> Delivery

  • Personal Trainers
  • Personal Grooming
  • Health & Wellness – Nutrition Advice

Are just some industries which have employing this tactic. Can your business idea be !00% marketed via facebook and not have to set up a website at all of course it can and that’s why you should take social media very seriously.

Manychat & Leadpages

Manychat (Messenger Bots) and Leadpages are also examples of how facebook is build their platform to accommodate all business needs.

Everytime you click an ad at the moment takes you to an external site, Facebook doesn’t want that they want people to stay on their plat form so that they can display more ads. Many chat and lead pages are two brand new ways to keep people on Facebook they essentially remove the need to migrates traffic away to your website (and risk losing the prospect’s attention) and allow you to get opt-in information and and build your very own messenger list internally within their structure.

Direct Sales Message: Speak to us if you want help with your LinkedIn Brand image we’ve got an awesome resource just for you.

Take advantage of Manychat and LeadPages people, whilst they are still hot.

Twitter – Seen As A Valid News Source.

Some companies are even using it as part of their complaint service. Use Twitter news to find out what topics are resonating in the global media-sphere to build campaigns to tap into this free word of mouth resource.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot our buddy Elon Musk has invested in Twitter. It’s going to be big.

Cyclic Nature of Social Media and Advertising.

Another example of why businesses must always watch on social media trends very closely is the relatively new trend for businesses to go anti-social media and use the digital detox as their unique selling point (USP). In essence, this is communicating to their audience they have nothing to hide and their value is 100% due to their actions, they are not hiding behind some esoteric, hard to understand technology. In an age where consumers have been conditioned to react to technological  channels of marketing communication, this authentic no-tech off the grid type product/service exudes a very noticeable authenticity which creates great trust.


People like surprises.

So be careful not to produce the same type of content over and over again, mix it up think about your product or service and what it takes to actually create and distribute to their customers.

If you don`t know how to start your marketing strategy… Try this.

Spilt your content into five categories:

  1. Before the Product or Service is Made
  2. Manufacturing of the Product or Service
  3. The Final Product – Fresh of the production line.
  4. The Product or Service In Action
  5. After the Product or Service Use - Testimonials From Happy Customers

Gary VaynerChuck’s Document not create. There is no too long.

Of course, every product or service is different and there will be some categories which are easier to produce content for than others but this is a great place to start documenting your content marketing strategy. Pair this with the three types of communication we spoke about earlier and we have an infinite source of material to help brand your business. This is how Engineering, Science and Technology companies can master their digital marketing presence.

All in all the main message for companies to takeaway is to:

Be Authentic & Surprise People

4 Easy actionable ways to implement this into your business:

Free + Shipping Model

What can your company produce extremely cheaply and is perceived as extremely valuable to your audience? Frame this through a Facebook Advertising campaign and then once they’re in through the door you add on a shipping charge which covers the expense to buy and distribute your product or service (plus a little extra if you fancy ;)). You’ll definitely see lift in your audience engagement and overall marketing results.

Monthly Subscription Service

For Example,

Free Trial (e.g. shoes) You Won’t Send Them Back.

Make your product or service super easy to purchase, and hard to get out of this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. If you can frame your product or service in this way then you can be sure you’ll see an increase in customer lifetime value.

Only Available Now Offer

Mainly for E-commerce type businesses, we’re surprised companys don’t use this Fastball straight down the middle tactic more often. If your website is set up with the right analytic software it should be able to recognise when a new prospect visits your website or landing page.

And, if the user then sees a pop-up or banner which says something like:

We see it’s your first time visiting us, to say thankyou for taking the time to see if we can help you we’re giving you 20% off for one hour only.

Next to that message the user sees a countdown timer begin from one hour. Now the pressure is on.

This is by far one of the easiest ways to force the prospect into scarcity mindset and to get them to buy-in almost instantly. Plus if all your product and services are aligned with your marketing they should be built to show and built to make ‘Word of Mouth’ easy for the customer 20% isn’t really really a significant cost.

Low Entry – High Upsell

The most relatable example we can think of is the car salesman who after persuading you to buy and sign for a new car; they will produce a list of seemingly expensive ‘extras’ which actually turns out to include lots of essential upgrades: the radio, deluxe seating and advanced parking sensors to name a few.

Before you know it you’ve got a hefty bill for a car + extras, this is exactly one of the strategies we employ here at Washbourne Marketing, once we’ve got our client to agree to and Advanced Facebook Advertising campaign we’ll do more investigating and use the upsell to suggest they buy more services from us to get the best bang for their buck. The great thing to note is they won’t have to find any extra capital, they can simply reinvest the revenue generated by the Facebook Ad campaign to fund the upgrades.

This reminds us of another age old adage said by Socrates himself and mentioned in the great book How To Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie:

Principle 14: Get the other person to say "Yes, Yes", immediately.

Big companies like ClickFunnels have perfected the use of this strategy via your landing page. After the customer has agreed to buy through a low entry method, ClickFunnels software will make revenue channels pop onto the user’s checkout screen to give them the opportunity to add more to their purchase basket.

Because the customer has already said yes to the low entry purchase they are much more likely to be in a yes state of mind and agree to the upsell options.

To wrap up Austin’s awesome section we’ll end with a 12 actionable insights:

In 2018 Websites should have:

  1. Mobile First Design: Make content easy to consume via mobile devices.
  2. Design Your Digital Presence to be Free From Unnecessary Popups – Make as convenient as possible for the user.
  3. Consider a One Page ‘Scrolling ’ Site – It suits the Thumb.
  4. Have Case Studies over Testimonials on the site.
  5. Be sure to have Analytics, Retargeting Pixels, and GDPR Compliance.
  6. Growth Hacking
  7. Knowing your Ideal Customer – [Demographic, Interests, Pains, Channel]
  8. Intelligent Email Marketing (Specific & Triggered)
  9. Facebook Pays Per Click (PPC)
  10. LinkedIn – Use as a Reputation Network
  11. Influencer Marketing
  12. Vlogs – Brand Building – Document Don’t Create.

That’s it for Austin Walter’s key takeaways and insights we hope you gained as much value as we did.

If you did gain value and would like to help us out please let us know how we helped you out we’d love to chat over a coffee and backlink to our site so we can increase our SEO and SERP rank faster.

Until next time,

Alexander Washbourne