Directors Letter #1: How To Improve Your Marketing Strategy with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Consumer Psychology [Begin restructuring your organisation, so you don’t have to outsource to an agency]

Our Exact Strategy (Price ≈ £100,000, Worth ≈ £1,000,000)

How much is the perception of your brand or organisation worth to you? How well does your value proposition compel people to take action? How much would you pay to inspire Word of Mouth to get communities talking about your brand or organisation? 

Above is the exact strategy we’ve created to overcome these marketing challenges. Our goal is to give organisations and institutions the chance to supercharge their business operations by providing a continuous stream of ready-to-buy customers.

We want to empower entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists to solve problems and help spread value to the world with out the burden of worrying about the marketing problem. In the same way that Paypal found a way to make transactions secure via email, we’ve created a tool which will allow innovation and ideas to flourish no matter what budget or resources you have available. 

Our streamlined solution is based on lean manufacturing and fundamental engineering design principles and leverages the best cutting edge tools in:

Consumer Psychology: to identify value, design brands that connect instantly and package perfectly crafted brand associations and value into content vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence: to aid distribution of value through content and messages to the exact people who need the organisation solution.

Big Data Science: to provide complete control through continuous analysis and improvement of your marketing system performance.

Below we briefly explain the three main pillars of this system and then further below we actually provide the recommend organisation structure changes along with associated hours required for organisations to start implementing this strategy for themselves. So skim through the explanations and then check out our organisation restructure suggestion to begin taking action today.

Our solution will work no matter what the size.

The beauty of the Washbourne Marketing Solution is that it is 100% scaleable to your organisation’s resource and budget, meaning you can begin taking action towards perfecting your marketing solution today. Our approach allows you to improve and integrate sub-systems one step at a time and allows you to reinvest as you as you see a return on investment until you have perfected your entire marketing strategy.

Should you choose to work with us or not, it’s important to note that of course to some extent we are a biased source of information on this topic. Our aim is to simply provide relevant information to help business owners, managers and directors understand the opportunities available to them and encourage you to give this post to your marketing department to begin making improvements to your marketing strategy today. 

If you don't like what they are saying, change the conversation

By leveraging this induced 'Word of Mouth' system we want to shape the growth of the public's perception of Science, Engineering and Technology as amazing career paths which lead to many opportunities that help impact generations and communities of today and the future.

Demonstrating Progress, Success and Impact as Projects Proceed

One way we plan to achieve this is by working closely with University institutions by providing a place to communicate their journey and showcase exactly where they've had success and how much impact their research has had to the community. Now imagine the though process of a student who wants to make an impact and change the world for the better when they stumble upon the universities value stream of success and impact. This will also serve as an excellent portal to communicate success, needs and challenges to public funding representatives and all associated stakeholders who help supply the funding as they will receive a continuous stream of value packed easy-to-read and digest content. Thus helping propagate idea that the academic community is helping improve the community and actively taking steps to manage the perception of Science, Engineering and Technology to the public.

Organisation Communication is the Problem We are Attempting to Fix

We want to give Science, Engineering and Technology organisations the ability to communicate all their successful and inspirational endeavors with a streamlined system. By continuously publishing and releasing a stream of Value through distribution streams we believe we can inspire communities to 'talk about' and increase trust in specific ideas or solutions.

Wouldn't it Be nice...

To see exactly how well your organisation is providing value to the community at the click of a button. We understand that figurehead positions such as directors, chancellors and business owners are busy people with a lot of responsibility and they don't always have time to see and congratulate their organisation for doing a good job. Through implementation of The Washbourne Marketing System want to make a continuous stream of value information available for stakeholders to be able to check up on the performance of their initiatives and investments at the click of a button. 

How to build an Advanced Marketing System to grow your business

Here we take a quick look into exactly what you as a business owner, brand or manager needs to know in order to explode brand presence and shatter sales records with a 100% proven no-nonsense-future-proofed solution. In essence we've researched and cherry picked all the best strategies, techniques and 'tried and tested' methods currently in use by all the world's most influential marketers and put them into one standalone system. Our system also incorporates the latest methods, techniques and advances in science, engineering and technology through the use of Psychology, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data science to help streamline and automate the process.

Understand Your Value

The first questions should all be directed inwardly to understand two things ‘ why’, ‘how’ and ‘where’ does this organisation bring value to their client base and customers. This process could start by learning exactly what drove the founder to start their company, what solution does the company provide and where is the solution implemented. This in essence is the story/message/idea which needs to packaged into content through: words, pictures and videos. This message must then be carried and sent by your value distribution vehicles, through all your physical and digital communication channels, to the locations as close as possible to where the problem is solved, where your ideal customer is likely to be i.e. these channels or roads need to lead exactly to your ideal client or customer.

What We Do...

Washbourne Marketing provides a Value Curation and Distribution service, with the main aim to allow innovation and great ideas to thrive by removing the pain and hassle of marketing and sales. The Washbourne Marketing System, uses it’s network trusted partners and 2 years of experience to leverage Consumer Psychology, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to solve the Marketing Problem.

  1. Creating the right associations with your brand’s product, service or idea.

  2. Distribution of those associations to the right person who has the specific need, want or desire. 

  3. Continuously assessing and improving the performance of the marketing system.

We won’t bore you with all the details in this post, but stay tuned to get all most interesting aspects and features of the system in our future value-packed posts.

What to Expect...

We’ll be spending time tearing apart and explaining just how our systems can be implemented in businesses and corporations, so they don’t have to outsource to an expensive marketing or sales agency. We’re the right guys for the job because we’ve spent the last 2 years researching the best ways to apply consumer psychology, artificial intelligence and big data to help streamline and automate the entire marketing problem into one standalone outsource-able system. This solution will allow you and your marketing team to be in maximum control, as far as humanely, algorithmically possible of all your brand image and communication channels. The good news is that as technology and computational power advances, so will our system. You can think of The Washbourne Marketing Service as your very own supercharged marketing solution which can be deployed to essentially track, manage and determine the most suitable and profitable actions for your business solution. Or as a communication superpower, which can be used to communicate your organisation’s message to anyone at the right time anywhere in the world. So if you are looking to expand from national to global scale we’re the perfect tool for you.

Our Fundamental Purpose

The Washbourne Marketing fundamental purpose is to pair the right products with the right people in the fastest time possible, so that people and communities all around the world can live a great life. We propagate value, to solve problems in the fastest time possible.

The current industry marketing solution may be thought of as a series of correctly timed decisions and executed actions.

Imagine their was a system which could help marketing teams and business owners coordinate and recommend when and what decisions should be made to help communicate the brand’s mission, values and virtues perfectly at all times to the right person. At it’s core our marketing system is simply a catalyst for this process which applies the latest advances in automation and technology to create, distribute and measure the performance of brand associations through the best communication channels for your organisation.


What is Branding?

It all started in the 80s and 90s when the best way to build market value around a company was to take an average product – shoe, beer, soap, cola – and build aspirational, intangible associations around it. This was the first time where companies began competing in the mind of the customer rather on just product or service features. This is when things like ‘Family’ branded items became more attractive than competitors non-branded items. This is because the market was so heavily populated with similar goods and services companies now needed an extra edge to win customer attention. Now companies had to not only have a great product or service but also have a great story, have values and virtues that allowed people to fall in love with the brand.

In the simplest sense a brand is merely a set of associations around an organisation’s product, service or idea. 

Organisations won customer attention through the use of branding where psychology can be used to help shape and form the image or associations of a company in the mind of the customer. 

Again to keep this brief we’ll get straight to the point, we’ll expand these ideas in later articles.

Inherently people love themselves, more than anyone else in the world.

Let's leverage that. If a brand can identify a target audience who are likely to have the need, want or desire and then develop their brand to exhibit the personal values and virtues of their target audience and then accurately reflect those values and virtues in their organisation’s messages, products and services then from a marketing standpoint, you’ve got a solid fundamental brand which is likely to sell and improve engagement with your community.

Provided you’ve got a solid foundation in place how do you get a consumer to actually commit and buy? People buy or take action for a number of reasons and motivations. It is up to the marketer to articulate and craft the best messages to help satisfy these reasons to build trust and authority with the audience. The good news is that there a number of principles and techniques which apply to most target audiences.

So how does the professional marketer achieve this? Where do they start?

Psychology holds the key.

This is a field of research which is dedicated to understanding the patterns and behaviours of people. The fields attempt to find and label human natural tendencies and affinity towards certain actions under circumstances. Of course it’s impossible to categorise every person that visits your store or website and then craft organisational messages accordingly. But psychology allows us to take one step closer to reach this ideal scenario giving us the opportunity to remove most psychological red flags in the customers mind, as we send them through our purchase funnels.

Convenience + Trust = Sale

Unsurprisingly, these are the two main pillars of psychology we employ in our system, there are many ways to achieve each and some are better suited to particular niches, we could spend all day going into this and if you want to start just check out this essential literature (where our techniques were sourced from).

In essence, psychology has helped professional marketers identify exactly what features and elements to include and exclude in our crafted messages in order to maximise the chance of consumers buying. The Washbourne Marketing System incorporates this at the start of any project and continuously searches for the best opportunities to deploy psychology tools to help improve revenue.

Assuming that you have a well crafted brand which accurately portrays the values and virtues of the ideal customer and gets them hooked instantly

How on earth do professional marketers go about finding their ideal customers?

We guess, well we take an educated guess...

The world is a very big and busy place, people’s attention spans are decreasing fast and somehow you’ve got to find your ideal target audience and present them with your value offering whether it be your product, service or idea. Where are they how can we get our message in front of them is the question we've been thinking about for a long time and have many approaches and frameworks to try. If you found this article through a public community group on or offline then we've successfully found a place where our message is likely to resonate. 

Before the internet came along

Brick and mortar stores as physical premises solve this distribution problem by relying on word of mouth and the customer to actively visit their store. But in order for the customers to know and be aware of the store they will have needed to been subjected to some form of marketing or sales communication. The more people that are aware of the store and the business solution the more chance that the business will conduct sales. 

With access to the internet companies, organisations and institutions now have the opportunity to compound this 'Word of Mouth' effect via all their online communication channels to help strengthen their physical presence. This is exactly what the Washbourne Marketing System can do for your business, provide the ability to control 'Word of Mouth' for your organisation.

This time, high performance computing and artificial intelligence hold the keys.

To keep this brief, in layman’s terms advances in computing power and the growing adoption of artificial intelligence means that we can let algorithms do most of the hard work for us when it comes to finding, reaching and communicating with your target audience.

In fact we’re 100% sure that you’re aware of at least two examples of algorithm applications: Google AdWords and FaceBook advertising.

Google and Facebook have created tools which allow marketers and businesses to augment their outreach strategies with reliable solutions which help them find qualified leads faster. How do you think they make all their money? This has opened the door to a huge tidal wave of opportunity for businesses to expand their customers base with relative ease. We will go into exactly how organisations can exploit and begin investing artificial intelligence to improve their marketing distribution channels at a later date.



Employ Henzei and Kaizen Principles

Often neglected, but in many ways the most important part of the process. To be a successful, value-first company, you need be able to rigorously reflect (Henzei) and continuously improve (Kaizen) on past performances i.e. past instances of providing value to your client base through all communication channels. We’ve borrowed the Japanese terms from The Toyota Way.

In order to improve performance organisations must:

  1. First define what their target criteria are and assign key performance indicators to allow measurement of these criteria.
  2. Next deploy measurement devices to actually measure and continuously monitor the performance of these criteria.
  3. Finally create a standardised way to interpret and take action on the results of the collected performance data.

The Hard Part has Already Been Done

The Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are buzzwords borne out of the recent mass adoption of big data. They are used describe systems which manage the communication of multiple electronic devices to achieve a particular purpose. The underlying concepts may be used to actively track, mange and map out the customer journey at an unprecedented scale, and the good news is that the Washbourne Marketing System has used the established frameworks found in ISO 9001, and existing big data technologies to build trackable key performance indicators into every sub-system within it’s strategy. Even more importantly we’ve incorporated a valid way to interpret data in a meaningful way to proactively improve and manage the overall Marketing System performance.

What does this give you?

In essence the application of big data techniques allows more information to be collected and interpreted, thereby allowing companies to proactively respond to potential issues and amplify what works well. These techniques can be applied directly to the customer’s path to revenue journey and overall experience.

To help paint the picture of our strategy and what you need to start becoming aware of, above we see the typical organisational hierarchy of roles present within most organisations, smaller businesses and solo-trepreneurs may not have all positions filled with a specific person but will need to satisfy all job role requirements in order to conduct business.

Below we we the types of roles and activities the Washbourne Marketing System will manage and take charge of, essentially these are the activities you can outsource to strengthed your current marketing and sales operations.

Consumer Psychology / Neuromarketing Specialist:

Planning: 20-50 hours.

Maintenance: 2-5 hours per week.

This will include all branding and outward communication optimisation aspects such as:

  • Brand Image & Tone of Voice Empowerment
  • Strategic Competition/Free Giveaway Planning
  • Visual, Auditory and Written Content Guidelines

Content Curation / Creation / Distribution Manager:

Planning: 5-30 hours.

Maintenance: 10-15 hours per week.

This will include all content related aspects such as:

  • Copywriting, Production of Visual Content
  • Ad Campaign Management
  • Community Engagement Activities

Big Data Analyst:

Planning: 1- 10 hours.

Maintenance: 2-5 hours per week.

This will include all data collection and interpretation aspects such as:

  • Communication Performance Audits
  • Distribution Efficacy Reporting
  • Customer Experience Path to Revenue Prognosis

Adding Psychology and Neuromarketing Aspects:

Tangible Benefits: 5-20% increase in revenue.

Intangible Benefits: Increased Trust transferred per Brand interaction, Instantly Connect with a Better First Impression, Clear Identification of Customer Needs, Wants and Desires.

Adding Artificial Intelligence for Distribution aspects:

Tangible Benefits: 20-30% increase in revenue.

Intangible Benefits: Increased Frequency of Brand interactions, Ability to Connect with the Right People anywhere in the world and Ability to increase Reach from Local to National or Global audience.

Adding Big Data aspects:

Tangible Benefits: 5-20% increase in revenue.

Intangible Benefits: Unprecedented Level of Control of Brand Performance, Ability to Proactively React to Problems and Reporting  provided in accordance with ISO9001 Quality Accreditation.



  • Starting Revenue for a typical Small to Medium sized organisation £100,000
  • Time Cost per person £20 per hour
  • We are using same base amount for percentage calculations

Model Equations:

Revenue Growth % = Psychology & Neuromarketing % x Artificial Intelligence for Distribution % x Big Data %

1st Year Earnings = Starting Revenue x Revenue Growth %

1st Year Gross Profit = 1st Year Earnings – Starting Revenue

1st Year Profit = Initial Planning Cost + Maintenance Cost + 1st Year Gross Profit

Simple Payback Time = Total Investment Cost / 1st year Profit

Return on Investment % = 1st year Profit / Total Investment Cost

Initial Planning Cost = (20+5+1) x £20 = £520

Yearly Maintenance Cost = (2+10+2) x 52 x £20 = £14,560

Revenue Growth % = 20% x 30% x 20% = 1.2 x 1.3 x 1.2 = 1.872 = 87.2% increase from starting base amount.

1st Year Gross Profit = (£100,000 x 187.2%)  – £100,000 = £87,200

1st Year Profit = – £520 – £14,560 + £87,200 = £72,120

Simple Payback Time = £15,080/£72,120 = 0.21 years = 2.5 months = 75 days.

Return on Investment = £72,120/£15,080 = 478.2%  = 378.2%

Initial Planning Cost = (50 + 30 + 10)  x £20 = £1,600

Yearly Maintenance Cost = (5 + 15 + 5)  x 52 x £20 = £26,000

Revenue Growth % = 5% x 20% x 5% = 1.05 x 1.2 x 1.05 = 1.323 = 32.3% increase from starting base amount.

1st Year Gross Profit = (£100,000 x 132.3%)  – £100,000 = £32,300

1st Year Profit =  – £1,600 – £26,000 + £32,300 = + £4,700

Simple Payback Time = £27,600/£4,700 = 5.9 years

Return on Investment = £32,300/£27,600 = 117% = 17%

You’ve seen the opportunity, you’ve seen the required actions and you’ve seen the math. So what’s stopping you from starting today?

We realise every organisation is different and their marketing strategies will be at different stages which will require different amounts of attention and focus to reach the ideal state. The ultimate aim for every organisation should be to communicate the perfect message to exactly the right person at the right time across all relevant distribution channels.

It’s up to you, is your organisation in a good place to take the risk?

Although all our principles are 100% proven, and based on well established evidence athose successful results were recorded on products and services under different circumstances at a different times with access to different opportunities. Today we live in the real world, not controlled testing environments and it's impossible to be certain on anything, let alone marketing but through application of the scientific method and fundamental engineering principles we believe our solution is the one of the best opportunities for your organisation to implement today. 

Look around and you’ll see the overwhelming evidence of other companies incorporating aspects of the Washbourne Marketing System their marketing strategies. Everytime you see a sponsored advert on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn to an interesting article, deep down you know that could be your brand or organisation. Social media platforms are tools built to reward engagement and your organisation could be the gatekeeper seen as an authority which facilitates that engagement. Through effective content you could inspire, curate and nurture your very own community which over time will learn to see your brand in the exact way you want. 

Does your organisation qualify?

There are a number of factors which relate to a successful implementation of the Washbourne Marketing System they are dependent on:

  • The starting point of the brands existing Marketing Strategy
  • The quality of the product, service or idea
  • The momentum of the organisation as a whole

Keep an eye out for our next article to see our exact criteria for selecting the best businesses and organisations to work with.

Our system’s main focus is to allow innovation and great ideas to thrive, without the pain and hassle of worrying about the Marketing Problem. We hope you enjoyed reading one of our first ever posts. If you would like to discuss how you can begin implementing and gaining access to the Washbourne Marketing System today, please get in touch and we’ll be able to organise training and outsourcing of the high-level activities needed, we have a number of trusted partners who are the best in industry at what they do and are ready to start implementation straight away.

As mentioned briefly the system can be implemented as a complete solution or in stages. The system is scaleable to your resource and budget, and if managed correctly can pay for itself as the project proceeds, through the use of Pareto efficiencies. We will be releasing proof and evidence of all sub-system components in future posts so stay tuned.

Thanks for Reading.

Alexander James Washbourne’s childhood dream was to become an international rugby star. After a successful youth career that included two welsh international trials and winning the Web Ellis Cup Final in the Millennium Stadium he moved his focus on higher education at Cardiff University where he graduated with 1st Class honours for his Master of Engineering Degree. For his industrial placement, he was fortunate enough to gain invaluable corporate experience and be awarded a scholarship due to his outstanding drive and commitment to quality at BMW’s UK Manufacturing Plant in Oxford. In 2017 he founded Washbourne Marketing in order to increase engagement with and the adoption of Engineering, Science and Technology with communities around the world.

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