Directors Letter #2: What Graduating with a 1st Class Master of Engineering Degree Really Gives You [and the Why of the Washbourne Marketing Vision]


So Why Should You Trust Washbourne Marketing?

For most businesses companies are built around the traits characteristics of the leading people and the product or service could be merely thought of as an expression of the leader’s will. Based on that logic I thought it would be a good idea to leverage what I've done so far to help indicate the future performance of what Washbourne Marketing may hold for you and your organisation.

• As Captain of Secondary School Rugby Team, I learnt the value of Leadership and Responsibility.

• Being the 1st choice second row for the West Wales Region Scarlets team for three consecutive years greatly enhanced my teamwork skills.

• Being invited to trial for the International Wales team at U16s and U18s level, despite being unsuccessful let me see the power of failure and pivoting your skillset.

• Earning excellent grades at GCSE and A-Level which included A*AA in Chemistry, Physics and Maths gave me confidence to pursue academia with the same intent and focus I used for my rugby interest.

• Achieving 97% in year two of my degree, the highest mark, across three engineering schools for the engineering mathematics module at university level, further increased my confidence in my ability to solve problems autonomously.

• During my 14 month internship with BMW Manufacturing UK Ltd in Oxford, I learnt the power of lean manufacturing and I was fortunate enough to be 1 of 2 students out of over a 100 who was awarded a scholarship for demonstrating outstanding drive, commitment and contribution to the company.

• Building a brand from scratch in a competitive industry, alongside studies helped me fine tune my time and project management skills.

• And finally achieving a 1st Class Honours Master of Engineering Degree in Integrated Engineering with a 76% average for over 40 two hour exams has allowed me to refine my problem solving skill.

But none of that really matters.

Why? Because I haven't really built anything of value. That's right even though it seems like society regards getting a 1st class Master degree as one of life's greatest achievements, I'm left questioning and reasoning why doesn't it feel like it. Why do I feel like the degree journey has been an epic adventure game with the worst boss level ending ever? Why do I feel like I haven't built anything of substantial value? I feel like there is a definite gap and void which could have been easily filled if only there was a way to leave university with something more tangible, something more physical something more useful? Not just a few letters and a neatly polished C.V. 

Always Work Hard and Value Your Process

Throughout all of my endeavors to date having a relentless work ethic and the ability build and own processes to have allowed me to capitalise and achieve the desired results for most situations, and it's this exact reason I got into entrepreneurship and business, it will probably take a while but given I have a process and I've been working on it for a while I believe I'm in the perfect place to make it work. 


So What was Missing?

Despite being in the same building as some of the greatest minds in the country at a world class university, why is it that I have left university with no idea who they are and why they are important? Universities boast their courses offer the chance to network and build relationships with people all over the world, but from what I've seen they can't even manage to build a network in their own university. How amazing would it be if I could leave university knowing exactly who and what everyone in my class was wanted to work on, and more importantly how I could provide help and value to them with my specific skill or interest. Impact, progress and advancement in technology would occur much faster if I knew exactly who to contact and how to contact them. 

An Engaged Community

If only there was a way to allow communication of projects and individuals' recognition through some kind of channel, what if there was an easy way to reach out to a person if I liked their work and thought it could help my own work interests? Imagine there was a channel where I view success story after success story of the latest advances in engineering being presented by the person who made those discoveries days after their discoveries?

Universities Need to Understand Their Target Audience

We live in the 21st century where the internet exists and we live in an age of instant gratification. Here convenience sells far quicker than any other form of marketing and if universities want to attract more people to a career in Engineering, Science or Technology they need to start catering to the new generation and figuring out what they are really looking for when they decide to take an academic route. This means actively promoting communicating in the areas where people spend most time, and right now social media and the internet is one of the main places where people can be found.

I sensed these questions and feelings early on and began preparing, searching for a way to bottle my enthusiasm, curiosity and passion for Science, Engineering and Technology into a product or service that provides value to people around the world. The Washbourne Marketing System is the result of this preparation, it encapsulates all the lessons I've learnt so far and will continue to grow as I start my next chapter in the world of work and industry. We want to give Science, Engineering and Technology organisations the ability to communicate all their successful and inspirational endeavors with a streamlined system. By continuously publishing and releasing a stream of Value through distribution streams we believe we can inspire communities to 'talk about' and increase trust in specific ideas or solutions.

What Washbourne Marketing really is, and what it means to work with us.

We are a Marketing and Sales agency who has specialised in value curation and distribution and believes the Science, Engineering and Technology community isn’t using it’s social media and internet channels effectively. Our continuous improvement system aims to solve that problem by teaching, coaching and the outsourcing of the appropriate methods for organisations to improve the quality and frequency of their digital communications. After we have finished setting up your content creation and distribution ‘production line’ organisations will be able to continuously communicate and give value to their clients and customers all around the world through engaging content.

Things do come to those who wait. But only those things left over from those who hustle.

Rather than waiting for the next big thing we also want to leverage our system to master the identification and testing the of people’s needs, wants and desires in the market. We believe by having a system which can test the pulse-rate of ideas at the prototype stage investors will have more information to make better choices which may lead to a better future for everyone.

Remember everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘make me feel important’. Never forget that when working with people.

After working with engineering students, I've noticed that students will always opt for the option which gives the most impact and recognition. Without getting to much into Maslow's hierarchy of needs, organisations have known self respect for oneself and self esteem from others is one of the best ways to motivate people for a long time. Up until now most research has been locked in papers and reports only, making it very hard for non-academics and non-researchers to know where funding is spent. One of my proposals is that we open up that information to the wider public through the use of a social media channel. Through presentations, layman's reports and efficient communication through the use of the Washbourne Marketing System I believe we can help change the perception of academia through the recognition and propagation of outstanding innovation and achievement via social media.

This will help on two fronts: recognition for the researcher/innovator and recognition for the public or private funding body. The STEM community is full of many very modest individuals who would be quite happy to just work without recognition for their entire career, and that's completely OK. But I think there is a growing number of academics who would love to be university brand ambassador's who would love to put their life's work online in the hopes to encourage a younger audience to pursue a career in academia. We aim to use our tools and knowledge to help academics set up their daily work operations to include communication with the public. Put simply, the more we share positive messages and success stories about STEM the more chance a conversation is going to be started at home, and the more chance the general public will know exactly where their money is being spent.

At Washbourne Marketing we believe the fastest way to impact the world in a positive way is through communication and propagation of good messages about Science, Engineering and Technology. If our messages are crafted in a way which help people get excited and talk about STEM industries we believe we can help improve the future for communities around the world and help spread the messages about global challenges faster.

The Birth of Washbourne Marketing

Spotting trends like fake news, unexpected political results and the major power and influence that media had over people piqued my interest in marketing and sales. I was fascinated by how some messages resonated whilst others felt flat, why people liked and disliked certain things, why they followed certain ideas and people? Eventually I noticed the huge gap in communication ability of STEM organisations and their inability to create an engaged community who are talking about the organisations issues at home, in work and in the office. Even more specifically I saw a huge gap in their communication via digital distribution channels such as social media platforms.

This was the inspiration for Washbourne Marketing.

We want to give organisations who are doing amazing things for people all over the world the ability to communicate their message with even more people; to reach people who can’t afford to attend events in person. We want to augment messages and ideas with all the human qualities which will help people trust the information. We want to give people access to the right information which can be trusted so they don’t make misinformed decisions. We want to give organisations the tools to gauge their own communication performance to help improve future performance. Overall, we want to create and propagate messages that matter and will help make the world a better place. We built Washbourne Marketing to achieve this goal.

Get In Touch

We believe in this message so much that for every £10,000 the company earns we will give a passionate student, researcher academic who wants to share their message to the world at least £1,000 to write a 1500 word article on their specific interest with the aim to inspire enthuse and create conversations around STEM, in line with the Washbourne Marketing writing frameworks, guidelines and principles.  We will then distribute that through the use of the Washbourne Marketing System to begin propagating good messages around Science, Engineering and Technology to people all over the world.

Organisations Should Always Start with the Why of their brand

New companies need to leverage and win as many people onto their way of thinking as fast as possible, it is by far the fastest way to build trust and become memorable in the mind of the client. Here we've are done just that, by delivering all the things we stand for in a concise down to earth post we hope our story will win over the hearts and minds of all who read. Simon Sinek's start with Why talks about this idea in detail.I hope this explains little more about the Washbourne Marketing vision and how we relate to the bigger picture within the science engineering and technology community. We hope our content will provide inspiration to help other passionate STEM individuals to reach out and join us.

That's All for now

Alexander James Washbourne’s childhood dream was to become an international rugby star. After a successful youth career that included two welsh international trials and winning the Web Ellis Cup Final in the Millennium Stadium he moved his focus on higher education at Cardiff University where he graduated with 1st Class honours for his Master of Engineering Degree. For his industrial placement, he was fortunate enough to gain invaluable corporate experience and be awarded a scholarship due to his outstanding drive and commitment to quality at BMW’s UK Manufacturing Plant in Oxford. In 2017 he founded Washbourne Marketing in order to increase engagement with and the adoption of Engineering, Science and Technology with communities around the world.

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